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Have you ever met a deadline?

They are rumoured to sneak up without warning and snatch away your opportunities without you realising it.

I disagree.

If you hear of a deadline, plan how to approach it, commit to meeting it and stick to your word, your discipline will enable you to meet it successfully and take full advantage of your opportunities.

Sadly, many people don’t understand this or aren’t disciplined enough to meet deadlines. It becomes difficult to trust them as you come to expect them to let you down and prefer to work with more reliable people.

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen a number of businesses, large and small, fritter away opportunities for publicity. Some of them even committed to a deadline, missed it once and then missed a re-arranged deadline.

I fully understand that life occasionally interrupts us with crises. Clients can throw jobs at us without warning to disrupt our planned work schedule or an emergency personal or family demand will take precedence, but in the normal course of life any competent business must meet most deadlines easily.

Today I have a note of all the deadlines I need to meet, both for clients, authorities and myself. And now I’m going to work to meet them.

• Who am I? I’m @robertz, a Devon copywriter, journalist and PR. As well as running my own z2z.com communications partnership, I am freelance business editor for the North Devon Journal. Call me on 01271 879100 or  me to discuss your business copywriting and communication needs.


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A Devon copywriter’s Thursday

What’s the theme of this Devon copywriter’s Thursday? Lots of straight copywriting.

I’ve been writing articles for this year’s North Devon Apprenticeship Campaign for the North Devon Journal. There are some incredibly positive things happening and it’s good that many businesses see the benefits of apprenticeships and are investing in training young people for the future.

I’m also been writing copy for the web site of a manufacturing company. Manufacturing is very strong in North Devon and I’m always being surprised by the sector’s achievements here.

It’s all part of the satisfaction of being a freelance copywriter in Devon.

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