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Invited to present Employer of the Year Award

Robert Zarywacz presents Pluss Employer of the Year Award

I was delighted to be invited by Pluss, which supports people with disabilities into employment, to present its Employer of the Year Award in my capacity as Business Editor of the North Devon Journal.

That’s me in the picture (right) presenting the award to winner Ryan Brend of Brend Hotels with Marise Mackie, cluster manager at Pluss.

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Greetings cards from a Devon copywriter

excentrix Ilfracombe and Woolacombe Devon greetings card competition

As a roving reporter, I usually carry my camera with me and photography is one of my hobbies.

A number of people have persuaded me to ‘do something’ with my photos and I have found time to launch my first greetings cards featuring views of Ilfracombe and Woolacombe in North Devon.

To find out which cards people like most, I’m running a competition to win a pack of seven cards. All you have to do is visit my web site and let me know the letter (A – G) of the card you prefer by 30 September 2016.

Good luck!

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An exciting month for a business editor

Robert Zarywacz on stage with the winners of the North Devon Journal Apprentice of the Year joint winners 2015
It’s been a busy month with much of my time taken up in my role as Business Editor of the North Devon Journal and the paper’s annual business awards.

It’s been a thrilling ride with 110+ entries, which I have had the pleasure of helping to judge. I’ve also been creating the content for the finalists and winners supplements – see the full list of winners.

And on the night itself I had the pleasure of co-presenting the awards before 200 guests, which I relished.

So it’s back down to earth now and looking forward to enjoying the summer, although more work is lined up.

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Have you ever met a deadline?

They are rumoured to sneak up without warning and snatch away your opportunities without you realising it.

I disagree.

If you hear of a deadline, plan how to approach it, commit to meeting it and stick to your word, your discipline will enable you to meet it successfully and take full advantage of your opportunities.

Sadly, many people don’t understand this or aren’t disciplined enough to meet deadlines. It becomes difficult to trust them as you come to expect them to let you down and prefer to work with more reliable people.

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen a number of businesses, large and small, fritter away opportunities for publicity. Some of them even committed to a deadline, missed it once and then missed a re-arranged deadline.

I fully understand that life occasionally interrupts us with crises. Clients can throw jobs at us without warning to disrupt our planned work schedule or an emergency personal or family demand will take precedence, but in the normal course of life any competent business must meet most deadlines easily.

Today I have a note of all the deadlines I need to meet, both for clients, authorities and myself. And now I’m going to work to meet them.

• Who am I? I’m @robertz, a Devon copywriter, journalist and PR. As well as running my own communications partnership, I am freelance business editor for the North Devon Journal. Call me on 01271 879100 or  me to discuss your business copywriting and communication needs.


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By George, he’s got it

Putting business questions to Chancellor of the Exchequer, George OsborneIt’s another busy week, which started with me hurtling back along the A303 on Monday morning to reach the Saunton Sands Hotel in time for a speech by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne.

By chance, the previous week, members of COMBEbusiness from Combe Martin, Ilfracombe and Wooolacombe had discussed issues and questions they wanted election candidates to address. I was armed with this list and was able to ask the Chancellor a question about addressing the stifling effect of the VAT registration limit on small businesses, who sometimes turn away business to avoid crossing the threshold. The Chancellor said he was aware of this and mentioned a review of VAT.

Will this achieve anything? Probably not on its own, but I believe in taking every opportunity to make all politicians aware of the issues that affect us locally in Devon. The more we talk about them and the higher the level of politician we talk to, the more likely they will start to listen.

It’s important for us to speak up for Devon.

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Lucky to be a copywriter in North Devon

This morning I walked down to Ilfracombe Quay for the launch of the Evans Transport’s lorry sporting the new North Devon Marketing Bureau’s ‘I’d rather be in North Devon & Exmoor’ campaign.

Glad to be a copywriter in North Devon

It’s good to see the business community driving this initiative to increase awareness of this wonderful area.

I hope many people will follow the lorry here to find out for themselves just how wonderful it is.

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Spring clean your web and marketing copy

The daffodils are blooming in Ilfracombe so spring must be approaching.

It’s a good time to spring clean your web sites and marketing material.

Spring clean your web site and marketing copy

Are you still showing 2014 details and prices? Do you need to update information for 2015? Have you introduced new products or services?

I can write about all this for you.

Call me on 01271 879100 or   me.

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